About Us

Established in 2023, the Allied Living History Group was conceived by a collective of individuals bound by a shared passion for photography. Presently, our group meticulously embodies the essence of the British Army Film and Photographic Unit and the U.S. Army Signal Photographic Company, faithfully recreating the pivotal years from 1943 to 1945. Our focus is on portraying combat photographers who played integral roles in the American and British forces during World War II, with particular emphasis on the Italian and Southeast Asia Campaigns. Noteworthy is the collaboration between the U.S. Army Signal Photographic Company, which loaned and provided equipment to the British Army Film and Photographic Unit during these campaigns.

Our exhibitions involve the simultaneous portrayal of the British AFPU and U.S. Army SPC. Working in tandem, we capture film in various formats, including 35mm, 120, and 5x4 Sheet Film. Subsequently, we bring these films to our field darkroom, where we meticulously develop them using authentic processes and chemicals. This hands-on approach offers a vivid demonstration of the procedures undertaken both on the frontline and back home, where the majority of film was sent for processing.

Our commitment to authenticity extends to the use of identical cameras, tools, and equipment, striving to present an interpretation and exhibition as close to the original as possible. We aspire to authentically portray members of the AFPU and SPC, offering a glimpse into the experiences of these historical photographers.

In our quest to expand our community, we actively seek like-minded individuals who share our passion for photography. By joining our ranks, members can contribute to our growth as a group and explore various other operations and roles. Whether you are already captivated by the world of historical photography or are considering joining, now is the perfect time to enlist and become a valued member of our dedicated community. If you are Canadian, consider the Canadian Army Film and Photographic Unit as an option. Inquire today to discover more about our group and the exciting opportunities awaiting you. Join us in preserving and celebrating the rich history of wartime photography.